i'm sara!

I'm a former teacher turned entrepreneur and I'm loving my life as a coach & mentor. I have helped 100's of people gain freedom & confidence.

I'm married to my best friend, Jerrod. He’s my better half for sure and has always believed in me way before I believed in myself! Not only have we been hitched for a while, we are also really great friends! So thankful for him and the family and life we have created together. 

We have three kids who are some of the coolest human beings you'll ever meet. They teach me more everyday than I could have ever prepared for, that’s for sure. I spend a lot of time watching them play football, basketball, swim, tumble, create art, and read! I am one blessed mama.

I’ve said for years my drug of choice is empowering people to see way beyond what they thought was possible. In all that I’ve ever done, this has been the constant thread. It’s the energy I feed off of and I cannot imagine having a job where I didn’t get to make impacts for a living!  

I’ve found through coaching, impacts happen often and there is nothing better than a message or text from a client celebrating a win. That’s what fills my cup! Bring it on!

I'm here to help you create a plan & gain confidence, education, clarity, & purpose. 

why a certified business coach?

At Sara Reineke Coaching we know that you want to be someone who feels accomplished at the end of the day. In order to do that you need a focused plan. The problem is you don’t have a plan, making you feel frustrated, stressed and afraid. No one should feel that way in their business. We know what it’s like to feel frustrated, stressed and afraid, which is why we have been certified to coach others to success.

Here’s how we do it. First we’ll analyze your business as it is. Second you’ll take a personality assessment designed to help you discover how you can most effectively grow. Last you’ll put into action a plan custom made for you.

Schedule a call today so that you can gain confidence, increase your revenue and know your purpose each day!

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