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As I spent 16 years in the classroom and then 7 years in the sales and recruiting space, I can look back and realize the common thread in all I’ve done is the addiction to making impacts in human lives.  It’s my “drug of choice” as you will hear me say.  

When I found business coaching, I was all in.  This allows me to utilize my strengths and experiences while locking arms with business leaders and owners, just like you, to unlock their true potential.  

Your why is my why.

I offer my services in all shapes and sizes from group coaching, team trainings, and my very favorite, 1-on-1 coaching where we lock arms, dive in, and unlock the massive potential that has most likely been there the whole time.

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Through discovery questions, I will help you recognize the greatness that exists inside of you. By using thought-provoking and purposeful questions, I will help you uncover specific instances in your life when your super powers were visible and unmistakable.

Your unique abilities shine at very specific moments throughout your life and sometimes, simply because of the way our brains are wired, we tend to “stack” and place more weight in moments where we did not perform at an optimum level. I will not operate in gray areas and, furthermore,

I will do my best not to allow my clients to do so either. 

You know you have a great coach when you (and your brain) spend more time thinking about how you can use your innate super powers to change the world as opposed to dwelling on a few moments in your life when things didn’t go as you imagined.

A true coach will stand up for your greatness and so should you! How would your life be impacted if you were constantly aware of your greatness and consistently exuding that energy?

30 min/week, 44 weeks a year

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Group coaching takes me back to my teaching days, like riding a bike... I still got it!  This wouldn’t have to be a group from the same industry necessarily.  

It could be formed at the local Chamber of Commerce, a leads group, or just a group of people who want to grow and learn together.  This can be in person or over zoom.  Sometimes a little group accountability is just what the doctor ordered.

Team trainings are special.

This would typically be a group all working for the same company or at least working toward the same goal.  This can be tailored more specifically toward the common industry or goals.  There’s a little more culture work that can be done when it’s a team working together.  One of my favorite things is seeing a team working together!

30 min/week, 44 weeks a year

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